EU Blue Card Directive

Revising the EU Blue Card Directive


EU Blue Card Directive by Elena Fumero Labour migration policies have always been an extremely unpopular and controversial topic among Member States in the European Union (EU). In the past decades, EU countries have not

Andrew Geddes

Interview with Federico Soda, IOM


Andrew Geddes recently spoke with Federico Soda, who is Director, Coordination Office for the Mediterranean, International Organization for Migration. The Division oversees IOM’s programming worldwide and provides guidance in the areas of labour migration, migration

Hard Evidence

Hard Evidence: Which EU Countries Can Afford To Take The Most Refugees?


by Andrew Geddes, Marcello Carammia (University of Malta), and Petra Bishtawi (University of Malta) In its new policy on migration, the European Commission has proposed a fairer sharing of responsibility between member states for 20,000 displaced people.


Not Only Lampedusa


by Luca Lixi Over the past years, the traditional migration routes that were used to try to breach the walls of Europe were those that connected the African coasts to southern Spain and, to a